Advent Week 4: Love Has Come

It’s two days before Christmas, and I give up on finding the last-minute gifts. It is what it is. Now is the time to be enough and have enough. It is Sunday morning and the day is before us and all shall be well.

All shall be well for there is more than enough. My children are safe and sound. My husband is rested and a joy to be near. The bonus check is coming soon. The dog is content at my feet.

It is time to be enough and let go of all I’ll carried, for I have carried too much. Feeling the sadness and worry and what ifs of others has done me in, for I have enough of mine own. Today is not the time to carry, it’s the time to lay down.

To lay down like my pup, who’s had her base needs met already this morning by my son before I woke. She’s been hyper-vigilant lately, trying to protect us all, but the truth is that’s not her job. The more we let her know it’s not her job by providing all she needs, the more relaxed she becomes.

She and I have a lot in common. I learned earlier this year that love does a better job keeping my kids safe than anxiety. Anxiety still tries to be hyper-vigilant to all that could go wrong and I keep letting her know it’s time for her to step down. She doesn’t have to do that job anymore because love has come. And love is a much better mama bear.

Love has come

I say again to my soul

Come very near

in all her care.


Love can bear all the hard things knocking

at my door

and keep them at bay

for a while.


Love is here now

and I shall relax and receive her

She is a good mother to me and mine

full of kindness and rest and hope for the future.


Under her wings

there is room

to have a full, bright, peaceful

Merry Christmas!

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