The {Less Travelled} Road Back to You // Lessons from the Enneagram

I’ve been quiet over here – it’s summer, you know. But while I haven’t been writing, I have been reading and listening and thinking. You know our ultimate dual-mandate: to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves? I’ve long considered this a three-pronged mission. For we are to love our neighbors as much as … More The {Less Travelled} Road Back to You // Lessons from the Enneagram

Love is a Person.

Reading through the gospels recently, I’ve noticed something seemingly uncharacteristic about Jesus. He never came out and told His disciples, “I love you.” It’s true, go see! We think of Jesus as the ultimate expression of God’s love, but the exacting Old Testament God was much more vocal in His expressions of everlasting love than earth-side Jesus ever was. It was not … More Love is a Person.

The Light of Legacy

One evening as I lingered in God’s presence during a worship gathering, looking to see what God was like and what He was doing, a scene began to fill my imagination. Something so beautiful and mysterious unfolded that I’ve kept it close for a long while. Could I share it with you now? … More The Light of Legacy