Life in the Potter’s Hands

If you were a piece of pottery, what would you be?  Here’s a 10-minute imaginative exercise (devotional, spiritual reading, meditation, whatever you’d like to call it) to help you connect with what the Potter is doing in your life right now. Whether your vessel is fully-formed, cracked, broken, spoiled, full, wide-mouthed, colorful, over-used, plain or […]


She’s a python Binding me up tight Hanging me upside down And then blaming me For not being able to breathe.   She’s a goalkeeper Defending against rest  Blocking peace Punting stillness out of the park Until I give up and keep moving. . She’s a circuit scrambler Frying my logic and memory Blowing out […]

Jesus, Lover of Questions

Reading the gospels, we encounter a Jesus who loved questions. It was a consistent approach in His conversations, whether with the sick, the religious elite, or his best friends. Sometimes he’d even answer questions with another question! If Jesus employed them, surely questions can be a helpful spiritual tool to get to the heart of […]

All the Ways God Speaks to Us

Hearing God’s voice is a popular topic of sermons, books, conversations, prayers and journal pages. Each person has their own journey when it comes to hearing God, based in theology and mostly experience. In my experience, this is a complex issue which the Sunday-School-answers don’t address deeply. Here are a series of questions that may […]


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