Jesus, Lover of Questions

Reading the gospels, we encounter a Jesus who loved questions. It was a consistent approach in His conversations, whether with the sick, the religious elite, or his best friends. Sometimes he’d even answer questions with another question! If Jesus employed them, surely questions can be a helpful spiritual tool to get to the heart of […]

All the Ways God Speaks to Us

Hearing God’s voice is a popular topic of sermons, books, conversations, prayers and journal pages. Each person has their own journey when it comes to hearing God, based in theology and mostly experience. In my experience, this is a complex issue which the Sunday-School-answers don’t address deeply. Here are a series of questions that may […]

How Women Won the Right to Vote 100 Years Ago Today: A Tennessee Story

One century ago this week, the 19th amendment was ratified in Nashville, Tennessee, securing American women the right to vote.  Do you know the story? It’s time to celebrate with a little history! The following is a brief summary that barely scratches the surface of this amazing chapter in American and Tennessee history. On a […]

Getting it Wrong

Last night, I attended a community discussion on racial issues prompted by the murder of George Floyd and last weekend’s demonstrations. The crowd was large in size and in whiteness. We had the privilege of  listening to a few black neighbors talk courageously about how they feel right now, and what it’s like to be […]


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