Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

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What is Spiritual Direction?

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Meet Rachel

Learn a little about me, my approach as a Spiritual Director, and why I’m drawn to the work.


What does it look like? What is the fee? How do we get started? These questions and more are addressed here.

When Rachel Norris came into my life I was swimming in a sea of voices; voices of well intentioned Christians seeking to shed light on a loving and mysterious God. The voices were multiplying and I was paying attention. Amidst these voices the Lord’s voice had become lost. I was leaning on my own understanding; an understanding shaped by the beautiful and broken collective.

Rachel, working as my spiritual director, brought calm to my overwhelmed spirit. Rather than add her voice to the collective she encouraged silence. She pointed me toward the still quiet Voice seeking not to speak but to be. She created space for the Lord to reveal His truth. Through her guidance the names Wonderful Counselor and Advocate had new meaning.

My time with Rachel can only be described as a present from the Lord beautifully wrapped in grace and peace. She was His anointed agent, guiding me to the warm safe space beneath His wing. I am forever grateful!

– Meridith

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