All Things New

All Things New

In many ways, I am starting over. Beginning again. Stretching my wings back into the work force, looking for a new church home, mothering and managing exclusively school-aged children, laying down my 'calling,' searching for beauty and significance on a level deeper still.  All Things New: it sounds so fresh and clean and promising... until you get there... [...]

To the Wellspring

To the Wellspring

Rachel Norris

I wake thirsty

and thankful

knowing just

where to find You

I draw down deep

dip my ladle into

eternal, living

waters within

Spring up, O Well

within my soul

Faithful Fount

make me whole

I love how You taste –

honey-sweet joy

rich-roast righteousness

green-tea peace

I soak in the silence

drink today’s filling

full to overflowing

for there is more than enough

Send me, God.

I release the overflow

poured out, running down

lower still

because You are Faithful.

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To the Deep

To the Deep

I long for the deep the swell the surge Of waters sweet and strong To dwell in your heart inner chambers beating true and strong Oh satisfy the cry of my soul I long for the deep Oh, take me there take me there I belong to the deep Oh, find me there find me [...]

All the clouds

All the clouds

All the clouds layer upon layer between the sun and here stacks and billows of rain and strange winds. Small windows of clear but always in the distance. The rain follows me and I cannot see This is not how August is supposed to be.

A Dress for Every Season

A Dress for Every Season

Navy silk, perfectly tailored A gift from my husband Bought for a time of rejoicing: the wedding of a dear little-sister-friend.   And oh how beautifully the bride shone Surrounded by friends and family Saying goodbye to a familiar past And yes to the love of her life.   “Place me like a seal over [...]

The Center of Your Heart

The Center of Your Heart

Caught up in a stream of joy Rushing with the royal throng To the center of Your heart Into the inner chamber To receive oxygen-love Red with life and breath and warmth Now flowing down and outward Propelled by rhythmed muscle Sent to give it all away Delivering nourishment, Strength, sustenance, and healing To this beautiful [...]

There is Enough, Even With My Soul

There is Enough, Even With My Soul

A moment of Spring morning peace to receive with each inhale, and to release with each exhale.   I breathe in stillness, I breathe out frazzled. I breathe in kindness, I breathe out harshness. I breathe in gratitude, I breathe out criticism. I breathe in forgiveness for myself, I breathe out disappointment. I breathe in [...]