The Promise of Pressure

Walking into preschool one particularly stressful morning, my daughter said, “You know trees grow their roots underground, just like diamonds grow down deep underground!” The moment I got back in the car I wrote this poem to remember the truth: in the face of strain, stress and the weight of life, we can have hope! For when they press in, something beautiful is being formed.


I wonder
what precious gems
You are forming
Right now, deep down –
treasures for me to unearth
many years from now
That would not be formed
had it been
for the heat and pressure
of today.

It makes me dig deeper,
Look more closely
to find the deposits
of pressures past
come to maturity.

I see a glimmer of uncut stone-
I reach for it
Wonder at it
Give thanks for the fruit
of former hardships
Begin to polish and shine
what you had in mind
all along.

For You were faithful then
You are faithful now
and always
to make it beautiful.

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