A few words about this space

Hi. I’m Rachel from Tennessee, a mid-forties mother of three learning how to live well in the long, loving gaze of God. Authentic relationships, listening well, and savoring Nature are a few of my core values/fuels. As an Enneagram Four I’m learning to go lightly with my own rising and falling, and what a difference this is making. As a woman, I’m discovering a new place in the kingdom of God as a first-class citizen – a promotion I clumsily try on every now and then, even though it’s always been mine. As a mother, I’m navigating the middle years with all their freedom, joy, anxiety, rising stakes, and emotional weight. And as a Spiritual Director in training, I am learning invaluable tools for the second-half of life such as the practice of silence and the value of questions.

For years I’ve kept this little blog site alive even though I rarely post. One day, I tell myself every year, I’ll get it together and post regular helpful content. Perhaps 2020 will be the year I find within the courage and discipline to do so. After several years of de- and re-constructing, I have quite a few things to say.

Whatever time you spend in this space, here’s what I hope for you as you read:

  • A sense that God is near, and listening, and good, and big, and for you.
  • A sense that you are not alone.
  • A greater capacity to hold experiences BOTH disappointing AND hopeful, questions BOTH unanswered AND answered, ideas BOTH large AND small.
  • A freedom to be yourself in the present, no matter what that looks like.
  • A bit of inspiration and beauty to soothe the soul.

A blessing on your head, dear reader, as you navigate your own middle-years: may Peace cover over and saturate your own understanding.

A blessing on your hands, as you tend your own soil of soul and house and work and family and body: strength to you.

And a blessing on your feet as you figure out the next “right” step: remember, God is not in a hurry.


With great love,






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