About Rachel

Norris 0603Hello! I’m Rachel. Welcome, welcome, welcome to my blog.

A little bit about me? Well, my husband Jay and I are growing roots in Franklin, Tennessee with our three children. We love it here. We love the Church. We value community, honor, and kindness above all. I also love to sew, dig into histories of people and places and pull them into the present, rest, go to the Smoky Mountains, make room for people, do girly things with my daughter, and make things and people beautiful.

Seems to me the most beautiful things come from the deepest places, so that’s where I’m going. This space is for writing about what – and whom – I find. I know it’s gonna be good because, friends, we have a Good Father who is excellent at making all things beautiful, and we can trust Him to do that job well. And we have a Great God whose love is so deep and wide and broad that there is room for all of us to go deeper still. Maybe I will catch a glimpse of you as we get lost in His love together.

For a further explanation of the title Beauty Runs Deep, click here.

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