About Rachel

Norris 0603Hello! I’m Rachel. Welcome, welcome, welcome to my online space.

As a Spiritual Director, I’m trained through Sustainable Faith in a practice that has enriched my life profoundly. I approach Spiritual Direction as the sacred honor of sitting with another and holding the space; listening in close along with the Holy Spirit; being a safe person; making room for questions we usually dare not ask, for that is where God is waiting for us.

My own spiritual journey continues to surprise me. It began in learning the Scriptures during my Southern Baptist childhood, then shifted to the power and freedom of the Holy Spirit during my charismatic young adulthood. In the fruitful wilderness and brokenness of my 30s and 40s I’ve begun to embrace the wide and sustaining presence of God  through a more contemplative expression of faith.  It is here I realize God is in all things and never in a hurry. It is here I learn He’s not offended by any of my questions. And it is here I find Spiritual Direction, which combines my natural gifts of listening, empathy, and encouragement with the breath of the Spirit, the wisdom of the Word, and the generosity of God.

As a writer and creative, I maintain this site to share a spattering of poems, devotionals, and personal perspectives. I write for fun. I write to sort out my own heart. I write to reconcile the goodness of God with the ordinariness and brokenness of regular life. I write to encourage fellow question-holders and God-seekers, and I certainly hope you find these words helpful.

As a human being, I spend most of my time on family – my husband Jay and my three children spread across elementary, middle, and high school – and our home in Franklin, TN. I’m a life-long Tennessean who finds joy in creation, strengthening women, local history, deep talks with friends, sewing, taking it slow, and making things beautiful.

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