The Light of Legacy

One evening as I lingered in God’s presence during a worship gathering, looking to see what God was like and what He was doing, a scene began to fill my imagination. Something so beautiful and mysterious unfolded that I’ve kept it close for a long while. Could I share it with you now?

{Before I do, a note: Some may find the following very strange, and that is perfectly okay, because, well, it is! Personally, the more I explore communing/communicating with God, the more He opens up to me in unexpected ways, demonstrating His greatness, mystery and creativity. He is not limited by language or human thinking; what’s more, He created us in His image with an imagination and then said, “it’s good.”  I think the Lord longs to invite us into new places in Him beyond human language or understanding, where He can enlarge our capacity and show us His nature more fully. In the process, He answers questions and heals wounds we didn’t even know we had. So the idea of God speaking to our imagination… sounds pretty cool to me.}

At first everything was black. I looked down to see a light on the ground – the best way I can describe it is a glowing blue orb. As soon as I reached down and picked it up, a huge blue-light stream swooshed out from it. The light began to rise in the sky, meeting God’s nose. He inhaled and the aroma of the light caused Him to laugh! He stretched His arm across the sky in one agile movement and suddenly the horizon was painted a vivid sunset scene with deep blues, purples, oranges… it was stunning.

Then God came near to me, leaned over and nudged me with His elbow, saying with a huge grin, “Watch this!”  He had an object in His hand – some type of walnut-sized seed. He threw it far into the horizon ahead of us. It exploded like paint-filled fireworks and gloriously colored the night sky. He walked on and picked up another seed. At this point the worship leader in the room began to sing, “Here’s my spirit, Lord, you can have it!” I began to sing this to God and offer myself to Him fully – here’s my spirit, Lord, You can have it! He received my spirit and it became one of the seeds in His hand. He threw it straight up, miles up into the night, and it burst into the golden-princess-gown kind of fireworks (my favorite).

Finally, God took another seed and threw it down into the ground. As soon as it hit, it became a blue glowing light that began to penetrate into the earth, into the water table. Some of the blue found a spring and came back up with the waters; other blues stayed deeper in the ground. As the lights settled into places to stay they gathered into blue orbs – just like the one I saw at the beginning. So some of the orbs were on the ground, some just below the surface, and others were hidden deep. Each one a small light, just waiting for someone to notice and pick up… and for God to do it all over again, for the display of His splendor.

So what does it all mean? The longer I sit with it, the more significance I see. Perhaps it speaks to you too — I would love to hear your thoughts. An important message I think God wants me to understand is the glory of LEGACY. A few scriptures come to mind:

And Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”  -Matthew 13:52

A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, But a man of understanding draws it out.  -Proverbs 20:5

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power  is from God and not from us.   -2 Corinthians 4:6-7

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.   -Proverbs 25:2

You are the light of the world.  -Matthew 5:14

The ground we walk on is full of little pieces of history. Every day we are standing on the spirits of the men and women who have gone before us — are we aware? Do we notice them? Who are they? What legacies have they left to their posterity? (That’s us!)  These bursts of glory-light are underground, in a sense, WAITING TO BE FOUND. Waiting to be UNEARTHED ALL OVER AGAIN for the current generation. A generation who desperately needs the wealth of wisdom, blessings, victories and sacrifices hidden right under their feet.
Posterity quote

As citizens of earth and heaven, as citizens of the nation and state and city in which we live, as the fruit of our ancestors, we have the great joy and responsibility to search out the glories of people past and give them another chance to shine bright. I believe God is waiting for us to look at the ground we walk on and see the light. He’s calling us to unearth the stories of the men and women who have gone before us. (How many there are!) To discover their sacrifices and live in honor and gratitude. To build on the foundations already laid and paid for instead of foolishly starting from scratch. To partner with God in remembrance and give the world another stunning fireworks show. He gets so much joy and glory from throwing those seeds!

And in the process of the finding, we learn to yield to Him in joyful, deeper surrender.  “Here’s my spirit, God… throw me, God, throw ME!!!” Because each one of us has a legacy to impart to future generations. I imagine a spirit in God’s hand can leave a much greater impact for posterity than left living for itself alone. Are you encouraged, like me, to raise the ceiling for those who come after?

Throw me, God. Throw me!

Of course I don’t know when, where or which way my trustworthy God will throw me.  Up into the sky for everyone to see… or out toward the horizon … or down into the earth, hidden and unseen, entering into the larger Yes of all the saints.

But something happens as I realize who has gone before me and the price they paid for the life I live today. Something happens when I research the histories of people and place —  whether it’s natural, spiritual, political, or social; whether it’s family, property, denomination or county. I begin to see that I am all at once a tiny speck and a bright light. I begin to understand that it’s so not about me. I begin to see how God can use one yielded person in amazing, history-altering ways. I begin to see anew how brilliant He is and how He’s got this whole thing. And as I look up at the starry hosts, the same ones God told Abram to gaze upon, I hear the Father saying, “I am your shield, your very great reward. Trust me. Lay down your life and I will be your enough.”  

It’s true, my life is not my own. It’s true, God has set eternity in my heart, and in the hearts of all who call me their posterity. Only a life yielded to something greater will know what it is to be thrown into the night, to glory in sacrifice and shine His glory.

If any of this sparks a little fire inside your belly, let me blow on it a little more:

My friend, you have a legacy to impart to the people and places you touch. Your life matters. You are a light. You can make a difference, a difference that lasts much longer than you do. God made you to shine bright and make an eternal impact.

And let me ask you this:

In your life, what little lights are waiting to be found and brought to light? What stories, what legacies are you standing on that this generation needs to understand? Walk slowly and pay attention to the ground you walk on. When you find something that catches your eye, pursue it — even if it’s just a flicker. You never know what glory you may be searching out!

2 thoughts on “The Light of Legacy

  1. God speaks to us through his word. He wants us to be blessed, but to us being blessed means things, money, validation from others. No I know he blesses those that keep his delight, his will (psalms1:1-6). God’s will for us is Ephesians 5:15-17. He wants those who are converted to, redeem the times, times is kairos and means God’s divine appointed times or feast days and Sabbaths. God’s will for Christ is in John 6:37-44, that he lose none that the Father draws to him and he, Jesus, resurrect them at the last day. (When Jesus returns)
    We must be grafted in to the common wealth of Israel, the 12 tribes, because the covenants were written to them, not us. Heb8:8, Jer:31:31 tell us this. God is full of grace and mercy if we do what he asked us to do. Paul told us to study the word and iniquity, lack of torah, had already abounded. We are saved by grace through faith, but Ephesians 2:8, but we have to keep reading. We r not saved by our works, but we are ordained to walk in his good works, which he created in Gen 1:14. (Signs and seasons – miracles and divine appointed days ) and he ordained we walk in them before he created us.


    1. Russell, thank you for your comment. I’m not sure how it applies to this particular post, but I do appreciate your response. I too love the Word of God and long to know it deep down; to live my life with His Truth as my plumb line. God’s words are the most powerful force, aren’t they? Since God is the same today as He was five million and five thousand and two thousand years ago, He is still speaking words of life and truth. He was not mute then and He is not mute now. Jesus said His sheep hear His voice. It is such an honor to read the Bible and hear Him, as it is to hear Him speaking specifically to me, since He knows when I got up this morning and what is written in His book for me today and how many hairs are on my head. Such a personal God always has personal things to say and impart to each one of His friends (John 15:15), partnering with us to reveal the works He has ordained for us to walk in. After over thirty years in the Word, I trust the Holy Spirit within me and within the pages of scripture to do His job well – to confirm if what I hear God saying to me is the truth. If I’m not sure, I hold it lightly and give it back to Him, always deferring to the scriptures.

      Another of the most amazing things about God is that His grace, love and mercy are never dependent on us. They don’t exist because of us, but prior to us. They are a part of His very nature. So nothing we can do can separate us from His love (Romans 8). Nothing we can do can cancel out the free gift of God, just as nothing we can do can earn the free gift.
      Have a great weekend!


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