When All Is Well, I Say to My Soul

Grief is distant

health is near

gratitude is easy


roof is sturdy

table is bountiful

every need is met


and yet

I must remember

to say to my soul:


Go deeper

to find

Hunger and Thirst


Desperate Need

Complete Dependence

Full Surrender


without these treasures

a heart would spoil

not knowing how to be given


and all

will fade



O God,

grant me grace

For desperation.


To seek

when I am content

To empty

when I am full

To sojourn

when I am home-safe

To hunger

when I lack nothing

To thirst

when I am satisfied.


I remember

I lay down

I bow low


I fold myself

into You

O Great One.


In You I live

and move

and have my being.


I want for nothing,

and I am nothing

without You.

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