A Back-to-School Blessing + Free Prayer Guide

It’s time! Pencils sharpened, buses rolling, kids excited, lunch boxes… TBD. It’s also  become back-to-school normal for us to gather with school families the night before the first day to pray for our teachers, staff, students and parents.

What a privilege to worship at the front doors of our public school; to walk around the property inviting God’s kingdom to be the norm. Light. Love. Strength. Wisdom. Understanding. Peace. Safety. Comfort. Kindness. Discernment. Trust. Confidence.

And the word that burned brightest in my heart last night: Blessing.

So we blessed each child at Hunter’s Bend Elementary with every good thing we could think of. My husband spoke over the children:

We bless these students. 

We bless every child that knows you and every child that hasn’t met you yet. 

We bless each child with an environment where they will flourish. 

We bless each child with protection and safety, that you would be a safe harbor and strong tower for them. 

Where there is lack, we bless them with provision.

Where there is fear, we bless them with love.

Where there is instability, God be their stability.

Where there is chaos, we bless them with order.

Where there is sickness, we bless them with health.

Where there is isolation, we bless them with community.

We bless each child each family each home with your presence.

Yes. So be it!

As I further considered how to pray the Truth over our kids, several scriptures came to mind. I compiled a short list of Back-to-School Scripture Prayers for teachers and students. Feel free to use it as a jumping-off point to pray for your own students and teachers.

May it be a year filled with blessing for each and every family.

{Download the one-page Back-to-School Scripture Prayers and pass it along!}


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