Quit the Crowd[ed inn]

My son played the innkeeper in the church Christmas play this year. He’s a fifth-grader, aging out, a good foot taller than every other child. Cas was, of course, a great innkeeper. Molly even drew him into her nativity scene, as pictured. The children’s voices rang out so pure and strong! “Those were the days,” Bing … More Quit the Crowd[ed inn]

Let every heart prepare Him a dirty room {He doesn’t mind the mess}

Every time I think about the King of Heaven choosing a stable as His grand entrance to the world He’d been waiting to save, I can hardly breathe. It makes NO SENSE. None. And yet it is just like our God of an upside-down kingdom. I wonder if He designed such a coming because He so badly wants … More Let every heart prepare Him a dirty room {He doesn’t mind the mess}

To the Wellspring

Originally posted on Rachel Norris:
I wake thirsty and thankful knowing just where to find You ? I draw down deep dip my ladle into eternal, living waters within ? Spring up, O Well within my soul Faithful Fount make me whole ? I love how You taste – honey-sweet joy rich-roast righteousness green-tea peace…

To the Deep

I long for the deep the swell the surge Of waters sweet and strong To dwell in your heart inner chambers beating true and strong Oh satisfy the cry of my soul I long for the deep Oh, take me there take me there I belong to the deep Oh, find me there find me … More To the Deep

Love is a Person.

Reading through the gospels recently, I’ve noticed something seemingly uncharacteristic about Jesus. He never came out and told His disciples, “I love you.” It’s true, go see! We think of Jesus as the ultimate expression of God’s love, but the exacting Old Testament God was much more vocal in His expressions of everlasting love than earth-side Jesus ever was. It was not … More Love is a Person.