Mercy Is More Than Enough

Mercy Is More Than Enough

The Name of God is Mercy is a book I’d highly recommend. It’s a collection of interviews with Pope Francis, as he named 2016 “the year of mercy.” I have zero history with the Catholic church, and yet his thoughts on confession stir me to desire accountability, and remind me of my human frailty. Catholicism’s [...]

To the Wellspring

To the Wellspring

Rachel Norris

I wake thirsty

and thankful

knowing just

where to find You

I draw down deep

dip my ladle into

eternal, living

waters within

Spring up, O Well

within my soul

Faithful Fount

make me whole

I love how You taste –

honey-sweet joy

rich-roast righteousness

green-tea peace

I soak in the silence

drink today’s filling

full to overflowing

for there is more than enough

Send me, God.

I release the overflow

poured out, running down

lower still

because You are Faithful.

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To the Deep

To the Deep

I long for the deep the swell the surge Of waters sweet and strong To dwell in your heart inner chambers beating true and strong Oh satisfy the cry of my soul I long for the deep Oh, take me there take me there I belong to the deep Oh, find me there find me [...]

Love is a Person.

Love is a Person.

Reading through the gospels recently, I've noticed something seemingly uncharacteristic about Jesus. He never came out and told His disciples, "I love you." It's true, go see! We think of Jesus as the ultimate expression of God's love, but the exacting Old Testament God was much more vocal in His expressions of everlasting love than earth-side Jesus ever was. It was not [...]

God Will Not Let You Stay Stuck // A Life Lesson from Toddlers

God Will Not Let You Stay Stuck // A Life Lesson from Toddlers

"God will not let you stay stuck."  Weeks ago I read an article with this title, and ever since I have kept that Safari window open on my phone. It's a daily reminder beaming with hope when the voice in my head tells me I'm stuck. In this short post, Graham Cooke addresses seasons of waiting [...]

5 Ways to Not Feel Like a Slave in Your Own Home

5 Ways to Not Feel Like a Slave in Your Own Home

Isn’t it the time of year when you get the hamster wheel feeling? Me too. Revisiting this (most viewed) post today to find true north and return to joy. I’d love to hear how you keep your heart alive when the laundry becomes your undoing?

Rachel Norris

Every day is the same – shop, cook, dishes, laundry. Sweep, wipe, scrub, pick up. All the papers, all the arguments, all the scheduling, all the homework. Do you ever feel like the monotony will swallow you whole? Do you ever feel reduced to servitude – pointless, unseen, neverending? Do you get bombarded with the voices like I do?

Most of my life is spent doing thankless work that will be undone hours – if not minutes – later. Maybe my days are just pointless.

I am stuck. I have no choice.

I am invisible. I am not getting paid for this.

Why must everyone make so many messes?

Why don’t they consider my time and effort?

Sometimes it feels like…

I’m a slave in my own home.

I’ve been working on displacing these hopeless voices with positive ones that treat me much better. In the process I’m finding a…

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Potholed People in an Era of Mercy

Potholed People in an Era of Mercy

On this first day of September, I say we celebrate enduring this past month. I don't know about you, but in all her humidity and heat and storms, August has mirrored (and likely expounded) the heat index on my insides. “Feels like 105,” August said as my six-year-old played her first soccer game. Oh September, [...]